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Clover Thai Massage

- The Most Authentic Thai Massage located at LG Floor  Camden Court Hotel, Dublin -

*** We are closing from December 23rd to 28th, 2022 ***

We provide a unique massage experience grounded in traditional Thai-style massage principles.

Our shop is operated by Ann, a native of Thailand but resident in Ireland for 17 years has been training in Ireland and abroad with over 9 years of experience. She has been awarded the highest accolade from several highly renowned training colleges, and further updates her skills by regularly attending the latest authentic  levels of improvement and has graduated top in her field in a variety of courses.

Ann together with her team of professional therapists who acquired massage trainings and experiences directly from Thailand are now available for booking! Clover Thai Massage is located at LG Floor - Leisure Centre of the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2.

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What Our Clients Say...

Excellent Service...

"Ann is an expert in authentic Thai massage. Clover Thai Massage is my favorite one already!"


Best Thai Massage!

"The staff are very professional, talented, and polite. The location is also perfect. I'd definitely come back"

Ray C.

Love This Place!

"Love the variety of massage options here. Traditional Thai Massage is my No.1 favorite"

John S.

Intelligent Ice Blue Skin (Our New treatment!)

The intelligent ice blue skin management system uses AI analysis to detect skin problems, provides customized beauty care, and offers six high-configuration beauty functions for comprehensive skin management. Benefits of ice blue facials include easing acne, reducing puffiness, soothing sunburn, reducing oiliness, and reducing signs of aging.
• Ice Blue Radiance...............€120/60mins
• Ice Blue Lift..........................€125/60mins
• Ice Blue Acne Peel...............€125/60mins
• Ice Blue for sensitive skin...€120/60mins
• Ice Blue Booster...................€65/30mins

Traditional Thai (1 hour/90mins) €80/120

In a traditional Thai massage, practitioners use their hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and sometimes even their feet to reduce tension in your muscles.

Aromatherapy (1 hour/90mins)  €80/120

Our essential oil therapy refers to a range of traditional, alternative or complementary therapies that use essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds.

Hot Oil (1 hour/90mins) €80/120

Hot Oil Massage is medium to firm massage penetrative hot oils and hot balm are used to relax and loosen the muscle.

Hot Stone (1 hour) €95

A holistic healing process in which warmed stones are placed directly onto the skin of the body, opening pores and working deep into muscles to ease tension.

Back, Neck, Shoulder (30 mins) €45

This treatment uses classic massage techniques to relax the body and mind, reduce tension in muscles of the back, neck and shoulders.

Head Massage (30 mins) €45

Head massage releases stress and reduces tension concentrating on the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face.

Sports/Deep Tissue (30 mins/I hour) €45/90

Deep tissue massage is one form of massage therapy that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue in the body.

Foot (30 mins/1 hour) €45/80

A massage of the feet and lower legs. It involves stretching and massage to relax muscle and tension whilst simulating, blood circulation.

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